Norway 2022

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Ocean Geographic Orcas, Whales &  Northern Lights Expedition 2022

November 12 - 18  2022

This is your Blue Planet moment ... in the water with water with orcas feeding among humpback  whales right before your eyes. 

Expect one of the greatest adventures of your life.  Since 1990, orcas have been known to venture into the fjords of northwestern Norway in mid-winter. Imagine watching a sea of orcas and humpback whales feasting in a meadow of succulent herring. An extraordinary opportunity to encounter with these apex predators of the ocean in their natural environment. Don't miss this opptortunity as these occurences will not last.

7 days / 6 nights Liveaboard expedition and accommodation

EURO 3980 pp plus EURO 85 airport transfer

Deposit due: 50% 

Make your reservation now – only 8 spots  (

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We have completd this expedition three times; we know the best time and the 'how to' for and optional once in a lifetime experience.  These would-be predictable occurrences offer the passionate adventurer the opportunity to interact with these majestic animals up close and personal. The whales are here for their annual feast. However in 2006 the herring failed to arrive in the fjords ... and so did the orcas.The herring only returned about 5 years ago and the orcas are back, this time with the humpback whales as well.

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For now, this is an extraordinary opportunity to encounter these APEX predators of the ocean in their environment - being in the water with these magnificent whales observing a rarely seen display of orchestrated hunting tactics will mark your soul forever. However, increasingly this environment and resources are under severe threat from the impact of climate change and overfishing. This is a rare window of opportunity, it will not last.

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Consistent with the worldwide experience between all species of wild orcas and human, interaction with wild orcas is not dangerous; however, the challenge is the cold water environment. This expedition is in the midst of the Arctic winter – water temperature is between 2 to 4 Celsius and the good news is, if you don’t own a dry suit, we will provide you one.

You can expect one of the greatest adventures of your life. You can imagine a BBC Wild Planet moment, where orcas carve out balls of fish from the herring shoal and heard them to the surface where they smash them with their flukes, stunning the prey before ingesting them one at a time. You can imagine humpback whales charging through from your left, right and below, devouring the entire shoal of herrings.

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*An adult orca devours more than 50 kilograms of fish per day. Depending on who is counting; the 700 killer whales that are known to frequent the fjords have one thing on their minds: to eat and to eat a lot. They are here to dine on the succulent Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus), each a 30-centimetre juicy, oily, nutritious snack.

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For our first three expeditions, we saw orcas everyday but the best was an encounter with them feasting alongside humpback whales; black and white torpedoes charging through the shoal of herrings and humpback whales, an experience that took our adrenaline off the scale. The momentthat took our breath away was when they came alongside and beneath us, albeit just in passing.

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You will be in the water with orcas in the wild, at close range, in their kingdom. They are fearless, apex predators and yet they show no aggression. As far as we know, Norway is the only place in the world where one can swim with orcas in their realm, on their terms. At least for now…as long as the herrings keep coming into the fjords. In the evening, in the darkness of the fjords, you will experience the magic of the Northern lights upon an Arctic sky.

Watch footage from our recce expedition in 2015 -


Expedition Platform


Nov 12 - 18, 2022

Expedition Leader -   Michel AW – author and professional underwater photographer


7  days / 6 nights live-aboard expedition and accommodation

All meals/food, coffee/tea/soft-drinks

Profession guiding and transport to the field for seeking orcas.

Weight belts, bedclothes and towels included.


3980 Euro plus 85 Euro for return airport transfer for twin share standard cabin

Deposit is 50% immediate and balance 31 July 2022

* we aim for maximum wildlife interaction opportunities. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the Northern lights beneath a super charged galactic sky.


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