On 29th December 2012, we will call upon 1,000 children aged seven to 15, to convene at Resorts World Sentosa to make an important New Year resolution:  To save sharks from extinction. Together with international and local celebrities, luminaries and politicians, 1,000 children will initiate the "I am the future, I will not eat shark fins" pledge in Singapore. The unanimity of the message by children from this ‘hot zone’ of shark fin consumption will echo loud and clear through national and international media.

Over 73 million sharks are culled each year for the shark fin trade and other shark-related products. This is unsustainable. Some sharks are already regionally extinct in the waters of South East Asia. Sharks are the cheetahs and lions of the ocean; without them, the ocean will eventually collapse.


Singapore is one of the biggest consumers of shark fins in Asia. As the regional centre for the shark fin trade, this project accentuates the solidarity of Singapore children, adults, and non-government organisations in one message, “I am the future, I will not eat shark fins”. Our children are our hope for healthier oceans. This is a definitive campaign for children to inspire the public in Singapore and the communities all over Asia to protect these sentinel animals from extinction.

Children’s Art Competition to Save Sharks – Call for Entries

In conjunction with the 1000 Kids’ One Message event, we invite entries for the 2012 Celebrate the Sea’s Children’s Art competition. Children aged between seven and 15, have until 28th October 2012 to enter this international competition (now in its 11th year). Participants will be required to submit a painting on an A3 sized art paper – the painting should promote a greater affection for sharks.  Children are encouraged to promote new ideas on how to give sharks a friendlier image. Why are sharks important? What if our oceans are without sharks?

The top fifty finalists from the first round will be invited to participate in the finals on 29th December 2012 at Resorts World Sentosa. The winning piece will be turned into a special edition poster to promote conservation of sharks in Singapore.

The Grand Prize for the Final round will be awarded to the overall winner who will be named Children’s Artist of the Sea. The winner will receive a trophy and S$880 contribution to an education fund. To enter the art competition, please register at

To register your child for 1000 Kids’ One Message event, please visit our website at

* The 1000 Kids’ One Message project only seeks support from like-minded corporations with robust CSR values in technology, education and conservation. If you would like to support this project, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The 1000 Kids’ One Message event is part of the NO SHARK FINS SINGAPORE 2013 campaign.

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