Submission Guidelines

Ocean Geographic focuses on getting to know who’s who in the sea, allowing readers to appreciate the complexity of the oceanic life that make up the vast biospheres. Our stories provide a better understanding of environmental influences and climatic conditions that make our water planet a hospitable place.

Ocean Geographic promotes awareness, beauty and the importance of preserving the health of our ocean environment through the latest scientific knowledge, illustrated by the imagery by the world’s leading underwater artists and photographers.

Each edition of Ocean Geographic shall be a visual adventure of exploration, discoveries and dives into provoking issues to inform, inspire and invigorate.

Ocean Geographic also looks at cultures which have historically been dependent on the sea. Ocean Geographic celebrates the splendor of the seas and indulges into the finer art of an oceanic lifestyle.


Ocean Watch Small features (up to 800 words) on latest research and news.
Nautilus Windows Thematic portfolios of fine art and photographic images.
Essays 1500 - 3000 words story on any ocean area related topics: conservation, science, natural or personal experience. We will also consider stories focus conservation or natural history about terrestrial wildlife or nature reserve.
Sojourn Short essays of 500 words that focus on behind the scene adventures of our contributors on assignment, eco adventure, ocean lifestyle, nature reserves & marine parks, unique discoveries and adventures.
Captures Features on scientific research and underwater imaging techniques and equipment.

Editorial Submission

We're always eager to hear your ideas! However, to ensure that your article topic has not previously been covered in Ocean Geographic, please take the time to search our archives at before submitting.

Our contributors are typically professional writers or scientists with experience writing for popular audiences. However, we encourage first-time authors to pitch stories for our departments, and will give each story submission full consideration. Writing should be lively and geared toward a popular audience. We prefer to emphasis possible solutions to conservation and environmental issues rather than list problems, and look for a well-rounded perspective of the issues involved. Send the submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Imagery Portfolio Submission

Preference for a thematic submission; send us a 25 images and please provide 500 words brief about the portfolio.

Digital images may be submitted as jpegs (300k) via email, CD, or light box for approval. All digital images must be available at 300 dpi at 11" x 8" or larger to be considered for publication. Upon assignment you will need to provide 200 words about equipment and captions for each photograph of 50-100 words. Send the submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rates and Rights

Unless a prior agreement is reached between the editors of Ocean Geographic and an individual or a story is commissioned, we ask authors and photographers to submit an article or portfolio concept on speculation. We must be advised if a story has been previously published in any form. Rates will be advised upon acceptance of the article for publication. We may also request electronic rights.

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