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7 Days at Walindi

7 Days at Walindi

Hi all, I hope you’ve been lucky enough to spend a considerable amount
of time underwater since I last wrote. If not, here is a little something to get you thinking about your next dive trip.

I’ve finally got to dive in Papua New Guinea!

It’s been on my dive list for more time than I care to remember.

I’ve read the books, seen the David Doubilet photos, watched James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge and have wanted to go for years. Now I have, my only regret is not making it a priority sooner.

If you’re looking for warm, crystal clear, azure blue waters that can rightfully claim to be one of the worlds most biodiverse dive destinations on the planet then look no further!

I had such a great time with all the crew at Walindi Dive Resort, situated in beautiful Kimbe Bay, on the Island of New Britain, that I’ve decided to share the whole 7 day experience with you, day by day.

Walindi is a family run resort with a team of friendly and helpful staff that make you feel at home from the moment you walk to the front desk to the minute you leave, with kisses, cuddles and a friendly wave good bye from the staff on your way back to the airport.

Actually I’m not kidding, I felt so much at home at Walindi and had so much fun, that I can’t wait to go back to visit the Walindi Resort family.

I’m sure, after reading about just some of the dozens of dive sites in Kimbe Bay and all the aquatic fun that was had, you will be enticed to make a booking and find out for yourselves.

So for the next seven days I’ll be taking you on a journey through Kimbe Bay, posting one dive day at a time.

If at any stage you feel the need to book immediately then follow the link below.

See you tomorrow!



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