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7 Days at Walindi - Day 7

7 Days at Walindi - Day 7

A sad farewell.

The last day I got to sleep in and enjoy another of the beautiful meals that Walindi Resort had been providing all week and take it easy.

I spent the day by the pool editing photos, writing about the exceptional week I was fortunate enough to have and spending time with the lovely staff I now consider friends.

My dive gear was dried for me and returned to my bungalow ready to pack before the forty-minute drive back to the airport.

Leaving my jungle home I felt sad but so very fortunate I had found and experienced a true paradise both above and below the water.

I’d like to thank Max, Cheyne, Ema, Garry, Matts and all the staff at Walinidi Resort for working so hard to make Walindi what it is today and making my time there one I will never forget.

Hope to see you soon

            Love Pamela


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