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7 Days at Walindi - Day 6

7 Days at Walindi - Day 6

Sharks and Crocs!

For my final day of diving Kimbe Bay and they had left the best to last!

Inglis Shoalis the dive site to go to for “the shark show” that did not disappoint.

As soon as we descended to the seamount we were joined by Gray Reef sharks, White Tips and Silver Tips that continued to swim around us for the entire dive.

These beautiful, inquisitive and shy predators of the ocean blessed us with their grace, gliding around us as we watched on in joyful amazement.

The sharks were an added bonus to yet another top dive site filled with green, purple and orange Anemones that teamed with Clarks, Pink and Spine-Cheek anemone fish. Schools of Barracuda, Batfish, Trevally and Unicorn Fish have taken up residence along with octopus and a number of Moray Eels, making this dive site a must see.

Knowing I had to fly the next day the second and final dive was in the shallow waters off one of the smaller islands in the bay where we did our Croc shoot.

The team at Walindi was experienced and professional, enabling us to get in the water to photograph the incredible Saltwater Crocodile in its natural habitat.

Granted the croc was a juvenile and I was in the water with handlers, it was still an amazing and fun experience to witness and take underwater photos of one of the great predators of the region.

It was an incredible last day on the boat and in the water!


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