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7 Days at Walindi - Day 4

7 Days at Walindi - Day 4

This morning, by popular demand we headed back to Joelle’s to spend time with our turtle friends followed by dives at Ann Sophie’s and Joy’s Reef.

Joelle’s is also filled with colourful Anemones and Anemone fish making this site worth a second visit with a macro lens attached rather than a wide angle.

Ann Sophie’s can only be described as biodiversity at its best!

Varying coral gardens, fill this dive site making it a must for macro photography. Goby Shrimp, crabs, Scorpion fish, nudibranchs, flatworms, Dart fish and Garden Eels all live here, providing ample opportunity to witness what a healthy ecosystem should look like.

As with all the dive sites in Kimbe Bay, Ann Sophie’s is a Mecca for fish life of all kinds that makes you feel like you’re diving in a giant aquarium rather than in the open ocean.

Joy’s Reef was the last dive of the day; with a nice sandy slope. It is the place to drift along the sandy bottom looking for all things that burrow. We spent much of our time there watching our guide coax a Manta Shrimp out of its hole for an impromptu photo shoot. Fast little things they are! Make sure your camera is on rapid fire and start shooting before the little guy even looks like he’s coming out of his hole or you’ll miss him every time. Garden Eels are everywhere as were Shrimp Gobies and nudibranchs.

Another beautiful day in paradise!


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