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7 Days at Walindi - Day 1

7 Days at Walindi - Day 1

The first day of diving and I was so excited I forgot my dive computer and had to run back to my bungalow to get it. With an 8am start down at the jetty I was met by the one and only Captain Gary Kulisek, the Dive Ops Manger at Walindi. Gary can only be described as; the most charismatic, larger than life person I have ever met who rained supreme over the team of dive masters who had my gear set up ready for me to check before I had even set foot on the boat.

To ease into the week the first day consisted of two dives sites, Otto’s Point
and Otto’s South.

What can I say, the first day diving Kimbe Bay did not disappoint!

The diving at Otto’s consists of sheer drop off’s displaying a flourishing reef system of both hard and soft corals that create magnificent underwater architecture for the hundreds of fish species that share this spectacular reef.

For the photographer this is the place to hone your wide angle, underwater landscape and schooling fish skills. While for the diver it is a place to be at one with nature and enjoy the incredible biodiversity Kimbe Bay has to offer.

Otto’s Pointis, as the name suggests, a steeply descending point at the northeastern end of the reef. For the macro lovers amongst us it boosts large Mushroom Coral, Sea Anemones with Pink Anemone fish, Spider crabs, gobies and an abundance of nudibranchs. However, the highlight of this reef is definitely the schooling Barracuda, Trevally, Sea Perch, Unicorn fish, Tuna and occasional sharks that all feed in the currents just beyond this point.

The beautiful southern end of the reef called Otto’s South consists of a series of ledges, overhangs and small caves with a myriad of sponges, black corals and reef clams to add to the long list of species you can find here.

After our dives we head back to Walindi spending our time enjoying clear blue sky’s, mountainous jungle landscapes and smoking volcanoes that make up the dramatic scenery and surrounds of Kimbe Bay.

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