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To foster a new generation of professional underwater photographers, the OG photographer hierarchical system recognise excellence and achievements. Any UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHERS with an active Ocean Geographic membership can apply for membership.
Send in a portfolio of 10 pictures with application form. Your portfolio will be critiqued and graded by our photo editors.



Benefit of Membership : APPLY NOW

  • Critique of your submitted portfolio
  • Graded for full membership or associate membership or advise to meet the standards
  • 10% discount at all Ocean Geographic resort or liveaboard partners
  • Invited to submit editorial to qualify for contributing photographer status
  • Credited as Ocean Geographic photographer in OG URL and granted to use the MPOG or AMPOG
  • Prioritize invitation to photographic updates and workshop
  • Received the special Ocean Geographic photographer pin

AS A MEMBER OF OUR PHOTOGRAPHIC TEAM, you will be in the realm of legends, the movers and shakers of underwater imaging and conservation. Check out our honorary editorial board on page x. Ocean Geographic encourages you to create images that inspire greater love and protection of our ocean environment. For that, we aim to celebrate and recognise your achievement.



Senior Fellow – nominated by Board of Directors OceanNEnvironment (Senior Fellow Photographer Ocean Geographic SFPOG)



Fellow – nominated by Board of Directors OceanNEnvironment (Fellow Photographer Ocean Geographic FPOG)



Master – approved by three Honorary Editorial Board member (Master Photographer Ocean Geographic MPOG)



Emerging Master – nominated by two board members and submission of portfolio 20 images(Emerging Master Photographer Ocean Geographic EMPOG)



Emerging Professional - nominated by two board members and submission of portfolio 10 images (Emerging Professional Photographer Ocean Geographic EPPOG)



Contributing Photographer – successful contribution of three editorials to Ocean Geographic (Contributing Photographer Ocean Geographic CPOG)



Member & Associate Photographer Member – submission of 10 pictures for grading. (member or associate member of Ocean Geographic Photographers MPOG / AMPOG)

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