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This adventure will tease your senses and get the adrenaline pumping faster than a Ferrari.  The first part of our expedition is a sojourn to Cuba - to the Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) a marine reserve lost in time. commercial fishing of any kind, no inhabitants, no industry of any form and only one dive operator. The reefs have never been touched and swarm with sharks, schooling fishes, groupers of all descriptions and sizes. The gigantic jewfish (aka the goliath grouper), that have largely vanished from other Caribbean nations long ago are abundantly found here, as are Saltwater Crocodiles.  The Gardens of the Queen is our planet's last hidden paradise. Join us for this magical experience.

Choice of Departures:

 February 8 - 15, 2020  Enquire re availability

Make your reservation now – only 14 spots per trip.


First named by Christopher Columbus in honour of Queen Isabella, the Gardens of the Queen was established as a national park with an area of 2,170 square kilometres, and is Cuba's oldest and largest protected area. Thanks to Fidel Castro (a diver himself), who rigidly enforced preservation of the area, there is no commercial fishing of any kind, no inhabitants and no industry of any form.  There is only one dive operator, which is a government-controlled joint venture. 

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Without a doubt due to its exclusivity and the immense diversity of marine life, Gardens of the Queen is the best kept secret of the Caribbean.  Sanctioned by the world’s biggest economy, and restricted from mass tourism, the reserve is a time capsule, possibly the norm for most coral reefs in the Caribbean over a half century ago. The largest populations of big fishes are the sharks, snappers, groupers and up to 200 kilo Goliath goupers that are daily sightings. Shark dives are one of the main attractions - expect to dive with 6 different species; Caribbean, Silky, Lemon, Blacktip, Nurse and if we are fortunate, the Great Hammerhead.  The one and only dive operator provides hosts no more than 700 divers per year. Dive sites are well protected from the winds and currents. Visibility average 40m in the Winter months and 20m in Summer.  

Watch images from our recent shoot -


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Black, Tiger, and the enormous Goliath groupers

Sharks swimming over lush reefs

Congregations of Silky sharks in blue water

Tarpons also known as the Silver Kings! (Megalops atlanticus)

Get up-close with saltwater crocodiles – both above and underwater

Spectacular mangrove forests

Lush pristine reefs swarming with fishes

Friendly Hutia (Capromys pilorides) – endemic to Cuba

Possible encounter with the Great Hammerhead

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  Itinerary - Cuba

Departure 1

1 Feb - Depart Havana for Jardines de la Reina 7am

8 Feb - depart Jardines 9am to return Havana by 4pm (approx)

Departure 2  

8 Feb - Depart Havana for Jardines de la Reina 7am

15 Feb - depart Jardines 9am to return Havana by 4pm ( Approx)


How to get there – fly via London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Panama City, Cancun, Mexico City, Lima

Expedition Leader -   Michel AW – author and professional underwater photographer


Transfers to/from Gardens of the Queens, 7 nights twin share, full board and 15 dives at Tortuga at Gardens of the Queen.

OG photographic expedition package comprises of expert photo advice, providing you with the best photographic opportunities, expedition dry fit t-shirt, Ocean Geographic E membership included

Additional Payments:

Hotel accommodation in Havana if required ( A Hotel in the vicinty of Parque Central Hotel, Old Havana is recommended ) Inscription fee ( fuel surcharge and park fees) USD 200 - (subject to change) plus Marine Park Consertavation fee USD 100 ( mandatory for all vistors to Gardens of the Queen as of 1st Jan 2017), Transfers USD 180



Cuba- 8 to 15 February – Special last minute price available. Enquire below

Note: This trip will be billed in EURO

Deposit: EURO 2000  Balance Due: 90 days before departure

OG Members discount applies to this tirp


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