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Best of Galapagos Expedition  18-25 November 2019

Imagine swimming alongside seals, whale sharks, ancient iguanas and schools of Hammerheads. Gaze deep into the eyes of a 100 year old giant tortoise. Laugh at the clumsiness of a Blue Footed Booby and try to solve the mystery of penguins in equatorial waters. Join us to view evolution in motion in the Galapagos - the most enchanting group of islands on our planet.  After a break of six years, Michael AW is returning in July 2019 to lead an expedition for a feature in Ocean Geographic. This is your chance to join him to revisit the best sites of the Galapagos.

$US 5585 per person ( lower deck)  $5685 per person ( upper deck)

Make your reservation now – only 13 spots.


This expedition will feature the best of Galapagos 

Though we will be exploring the best of underwater Galapagos ( Darwin, Wolf, Fernandina, Isabella & Seaymour) , we will also be doing land visits especially to the signature terrestrial sites such as the Darwin station.


(images Emily Chan & Foo Pu Wen)

While diving the “central islands” you will experience the diversity of Galapagos diving. Besides the resident mantas, sharks, and whale sharks, this is also the time to photograph little Galapagos invertebrates in vibrant color as well as keep an eye out for mola molas. We hope to also introduce a relatively new dive area to the central islands, Isla Pinzon.


During your time in the central islands, you’ll also walk in the steps of Charles Darwin, with 3 guided land excursions. You will visit the Highlands in search of the Galapagos Tortoises in their natural habitat and also explore the lava tubes while later in the day you will finish this excursion with a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Center . We will explore North Seymour as well as visiting the Interpretation center in San Cristobal before your return flight to Ecuador.


Expedition Platform - Galapagos Master

Immaculate, spacious and recently refurbished the Galapagos Master accommodates 16 people in 8 double cabins with twin beds, private bartheroom and air conditioning.  Lower cabins have port windows while upper deck cabins have large windows. The living area, cabin , dining and bar space are relatively large and welcoming. The Galapagos Master is our expedition vessel of choice being well equipped with two 6.2m zodiacs with 2 x 50HP 4 stroke outboard motors each, a large swim platform and nitrox air compressor. 2 bilingal diver master guides are aboard and all crew members are trained and certified by Ecuador Marine Regulations.  For photographers, Galapgos Master provides ample room for equipment. There are lounge chairs on the sun deck to enjoy between dives.

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Itinerary  ( subject to change)

The 8day/7 night itinerary offers a total of approximately 15 – 17 dives (check out dive included - all weather, current and sea condition dependant) and 3 land excursions. Diving in Galapagos is considered advanced diving as it occurs in the presence of strong currents, cold water and at times limited visibility. Diving will be from zodiacs in this World Renowned destination.

Monday (Embarkation day): Airport arrival, transfer to Galapgos Master and lunch, followed by an afternoon check out dive. Carried out in a shltered bay in an excellent shallow spot, at a max depth of 9m ( 30 ft ) this will allow you to check your dive gear as well as become acquainted with some of the local marine life.

Tuesday: Morning there will be 2 dives at Punta Carrion and Baltra North East followed by an afternoon land tour of North Seymour Island before cruising north during the evening.  

Wednesday -Thursday: We will sepnd time at Darwin and Wolf

Friday : More time at Wolf followed by a cruise south during the evening

Saturday: Punta Vicente Roca

Sunday: We will dive at Cousin Rock with a dive at Los Gemelos, followed by a land visit to see the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz.

Monday morning: Upon disembarking, there will be a visit to the Interpretation Centre on San Cristobal Island, followed by transfer to the airport or local hotel.  

Inclusions Ocean Geographic expedition T-shirt, OG waterproof pouch, all meals & snacks, soft drinks, airport transfers in Galapagos, full dive program of 3-4 dives per day, tanks, weights + services of crew, land excursion, guides, photographic advice and lectures.


Lower Deck cabin (5 spots) : USD 5585 pp

Upper Deck Cabin ( 8 spots) : USD 5685 pp

Deposit – USD 1500 pp


Additional Costs ( subject to change):

Hyperbaric fee $US 35 per person,

Optional Nitrox $150 per person

Galapagos National Park fee currently @ $US 100 pp, Ingala card @ $US 10 pp


OG Member discount applies to this trip

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NB. Booking is not confirmed until deposit is paid. Payment details for payment of deposit will be provided once booking is completed. Booking username and password is not the same as your OG username and password. If you are new trip client you can leave the existing client login blank and complete the booking . If you are an existing trip client please check with us first and we will let you know your trip client user ID and password which will enable you a much quicker booking process.

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