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By Joanna Smart – Rolex’s Our World Underwater Australasia Scholar 2019/2020

Be amazed at one of the worlds’ most unique underwater research projects, Nemo’s Garden

Essay by Cheryl Lyn Dybas

To understand the shore, it is not enough to catalogue its life.  Understanding comes only when we can sense the long rhythms of earth and sea that sculptured its land forms and produced the rock and sand of which it is composed; when we can sense with the eye and ear of the mind the surge of life beating always at its shores—blindly, inexorably pressing for a foothold. ---Rachel Carson, The Edge of the Sea

Chukchi AW51069You can help support Deep HOPE and become an ocean explorer, and discover deep blue places where no one has gone before.

Consider this: Although the ocean is vital for human life support, the combination of pressure, temperature and darkness in the deep sea have left it largely unexplored below diver depths. Though much of the ocean floor has been mapped, it is to a gross resolution of five kilometres - meaning we can only see features larger than five kilometres. We have better maps of the moon and of Mars than we do of the floor of our ocean.

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