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Senior Fellow SFPOG : Fellow FPOG : Master MPOG : Emerging Master EMPOG
Emerging Professional EPPOG : Contributing Photographer CPOG
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OG Photographer hierarchical system recognise excellence and achievement of underwater photographers. ALL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHERS are invited to apply for membership.

Senior Fellow SFPOG

David Doubilet : Ernie Brooks : Emory Kristof

Fellow FPOG

Doug Perrine : Howard Hall : Michele Hall : Michael AW
Jennifer Hayes

Master MPOG

Alex Mustard : Mathieu Meur

Emerging Master EMPOG

Steve Jones : Mathew Smith : Sonda Cai

Emerging Professional EPPOG

Tracey Jennings : Mok Wai Hoe : Jorgen Rasmussen

Contributing Photographer CPOG

Mikael Jigmo : Brett Lobwein : Foo Pu Wen : Christian Vizl : Gillian McDonald
Ron Watkins : Emily Chan : Cassandra Dragon : Jayne Jenkins : Mike Scotland

Member MPOG

Associate Photographer AMPOG

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