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7 Days at Walindi

7 Days at Walindi

Hi all, I hope you’ve been lucky enough to spend a considerable amount
of time underwater since I last wrote. If not, here is a little something to get you thinking about your next dive trip.

I’ve finally got to dive in Papua New Guinea!

It’s been on my dive list for more time than I care to remember.

I’ve read the books, seen the David Doubilet photos, watched James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge and have wanted to go for years. Now I have, my only regret is not making it a priority sooner.

If you’re looking for warm, crystal clear, azure blue waters that can rightfully claim to be one of the worlds most biodiverse dive destinations on the planet then look no further!

I had such a great time with all the crew at Walindi Dive Resort, situated in beautiful Kimbe Bay, on the Island of New Britain, that I’ve decided to share the whole 7 day experience with you, day by day.

Walindi is a family run resort with a team of friendly and helpful staff that make you feel at home from the moment you walk to the front desk to the minute you leave, with kisses, cuddles and a friendly wave good bye from the staff on your way back to the airport.

Actually I’m not kidding, I felt so much at home at Walindi and had so much fun, that I can’t wait to go back to visit the Walindi Resort family.

I’m sure, after reading about just some of the dozens of dive sites in Kimbe Bay and all the aquatic fun that was had, you will be enticed to make a booking and find out for yourselves.

So for the next seven days I’ll be taking you on a journey through Kimbe Bay, posting one dive day at a time.

If at any stage you feel the need to book immediately then follow the link below.

See you tomorrow!


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Pamela Martin

Shark News

Shark News

Tomorrow is a big day for sharks! On Friday the 11th of October 2013 Michael Aw will personally deliver a letter to Singapore Airlines asking them to stop the transportation of shark fins, along with what we hope to be 20,000 signatures by the end of today. This initiative hopes to stop the transportation of shark fins to Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore in the effort to drastically reduce and eventually stop the supply.

Congratulations to Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Korean Airlines, Asiania, Korean Airlines, Lan Chile, Eva Air, AeroMexico, Dragon Air and Fiji Air who have already agreed not to transport shark fins on their airlines, choosing long term environmental sustainability over short term profit. In light of this I urge the 20,000 people who signed the petition to continue supporting sharks by choosing to fly with these insightful and environmentally conscious companies.

Sharks have had a few much needed wins in the past year with a United Nations treaty: the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, otherwise known as SITES, listing five new shark species to the CITES Appendices. The sharks listed include: Oceanic Whitetips, Porbeagle and three species of Hammerhead sharks including the Scalloped Hammerhead shark. These sharks are all classified as endangered on the IUCN redlist and join Basking, Whale and Great Whites to the list.

Last month Hong Kong also banned shark fins from official functions indicating a welcomed change at the highest level, as China represents approximately 50 percent of the world shark fin market.

The estimated numbers of sharks killed per year has now reached One Hundred Million with the majority being used in shark fin soup. The method of obtaining these fins is equally barbaric and wasteful as the sharks fin is cut off while still alive and the animal thrown back in the water to drown.

The majority of sharks pose no threat to humans although they continue to suffer from a bad reputation imposed by iconic movies such as Jaws and the more recent badly written and directed, un-informed and unethical programs that appear on Shark Week aired by the Discovery channel.

Sharks are the apex predators of our oceans, if we continue to hunt them into extinction we will once again limit the biodiversity of our planet creating irreversible damage to our ecosystem, which will eventually shut down.

After a few short weeks of writting I’m starting to see a theme emerging from my blog: Governmental environmental mismanagement coupled with public ignorance and complacency = Extinction. 

I wonder if we will learn our lesson before it’s our turn?

I hope this has inspired readers to sign the petition, say no to shark fining and make informed consumer choices as the fight to save shark populations worldwide continues.

Sign the petition at:

I also wish Michael the very best of luck in convincing Singapore Airlines to stop the transportation of shark fins and become a respected environmental company and industry leader.

I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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Pamela Martin

A weekend at ODEX

A weekend at ODEX



I had the pleasure of spending my weekend at ODEX, The Australian International Scuba and Underwater Sports Expo at Sydney Olympic Park and Aquatic Centre.

The whole weekend flew by with meeting wonderful people in the industry talking about their businesses relating to underwater everything and when I mean everything I do mean everything!

I met Mermaids who raise awareness around water safety for children and work with the “Make A Wish Foundation” making dreams come true for critically ill children. I met passionate Freedivers, competing in the World Series Freedivng Championships and spoke with a myriad of resort owners from around the world about their dive resorts, facilities, services and packages. I caught up with the latest technologies both in diving and underwater photography. I swapped recent travel stories with fellow divers and photographers and had fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were the nonstop, informative, inspiring and fun talks provided by industry professionals and photography masters over the course of the weekend.

Day one we were treated to varied talks from Surf Photography by Mark Tipple, The Art of Underwater Portraiture, “From Waterbabies to Whales” by Sarah Alice“ to “Freediving Skills” by Alana Caskey Wells and finished the day with an informative talk on Underwater Optics by Pawel Achtel, just to name a few.

Day two was just as exciting starting with a talk from Klaus Stiefel “Taking Pictures while Technical Diving, followed by a great talk by Cal Mero called “Water, Light and Beauty” – The Art of Underwater Fashion. We also heard from the passionate Ken Thongpila about Underwater Macro Photography – sharing, learning and inspiring, and of course our very own Michael Aw with “Essential Underwater Photography with the Masters” featuring work from David

Doubilet, Ernie Brooks, Alex Mustard, Jane Morgan, Steve Jones, Mathieu Meur and Michael Aw. 

Michael also showed us his must see slide show from the Ocean Geographic Cuba trip, coming up next January/February; check dates and availability on the “Expeditions” page of the website for this breathtaking trip through Havana, Mangroves Forests and Fidel Castro’s marine park legacy, untouched by Fisheries since the 1970’s.

You can checkout what else ODEX has to offer if your interested in coming along next year at:

A great weekend had by all and definitely worth a visit next year friends!

As you would also be aware it was election weekend for all our Australian diving buddies with a proceeding change in government. Our new Prime Minister in the coming months has said he will be looking at rolling back our newly appointed marine parks. If you feeling strongly about keeping what would be the largest marine park sanctuary in the world, please voice your opinion by joining “The Big Blue Army” at:

Talk Soon
Pamela Martin

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