• Whale Road
    Whale Road

    Mok Wai Hoe - OG 39

  • Alor Again
    Alor Again

    Michael AW - OG 39

  • Kingdom of Fishes
    Kingdom of Fishes

    Alex Rose - OG 39

  • Harp Seals
    Harp Seals

    Jennifer Hayes - OG 39

  • Portfolio

    Marc Stickler - OG 38

  • Giants of the Med
    Giants of the Med

    Doug Perrine - OG 38

  • The Shark that Lives to 500
    The Shark that Lives to 500

    Doug Perrine - OG 38

  • Revillagiedo Archipeligo
    Revillagiedo Archipeligo

    Michael AW - OG 38

  • Iceland

    Mathieu Meur - OG 38

  • Of Birds and Men
    Of Birds and Men

    Mathieu Meur and Martin Kraus - OG 38 

  • Hunt for the Right Whale
    Hunt for the Right Whale

    Rainer Schimpf - OG 38 

  • Magical Mantas
    Magical Mantas

    Michael AW - OG 38

  • Pictures of the Year 2016  - OG 37
    Pictures of the Year 2016 - OG 37

    Francis Perez - Portfolio Runner up 

  • Love can Change Everything
    Love can Change Everything

    Michael AW - OG 37

  • Mosaic of the Red Sea
    Mosaic of the Red Sea

    By Amanda Cotton (OG22)

  • Galapagos

    Photography by Foo Pu Wen ( OG25)

  • Sharks that Rebuilt an Island
    Sharks that Rebuilt an Island

    by Steve de Neef - OG 29

  • How much can a Polar Bear bear?
    How much can a Polar Bear bear?

    by Michael AW - OG 30

  • Francis Perez - PICOTY 2014
    Francis Perez - PICOTY 2014

    Winner - Portfolio

  • Most Memorable Moment
    Most Memorable Moment

    Jorgen Rasmussen - OG 33

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Featured Articles

Deep Hope

Deep Hope

You can help support Deep HOPE and become an ocean explorer, and discover deep blue places where no one has gone before. Consider this: Although the ocean is vital for...

Dreaming in Fakarava

Dreaming in Fakarava

This far-flung Pacific Ocean outpost of France, otherwise known as French Polynesia, has been the inspiration of dreamers, the avant-garde and the impressionists.  

The Camogli "Tonnarella"

The Camogli

Photos and Essay by Isabella Maffei - Special Mention winner Ocean Geographic's Photo Journalist of the Year award A step back in time between eco-sustainability and culture. Tuna fishing is...

Upcoming Expeditions

Cuba Feb 2018

Cuba Feb 2018

  This adventure will tease your senses and get the adrenaline pumping faster than a Ferrari.  The first part of our expedition is a sojourn to Cuba - to the...

Galapagos 2019

Galapagos 2019

Best of Galapgos Expedition  18-25 November 2019 Imagine swimming alongside seals, whale sharks, ancient iguanas and schools of Hammerheads. Gaze deep into the eyes of a 100 year old giant...

Fakarava - French Polynesia 2019

Fakarava - French Polynesia 2019

Sharks and Groupers Spawning Expedition  9 June - 19 June 2019 This is an expedition to die for; once a year, Camouflage Groupers come together in a colossal aggregation in...

News & Events

Meet Photographer - Michael AW

Meet Photographer - Michael AW

Meet award-winning Singaporean nature photographer Michael Aw, and join a guided tour of his stunning photos that are featured as part of the Ice in the Tropics exhibit at the...

Pictures of the Year Competition

Pictures of the Year Competition

This years OGPICOTY competition is now open for entry! register to enter and submit your images and videos at www.ogpicoty.com

Blue Ring - Global Campaign

Blue Ring - Global Campaign

Pledge your support to Ocean Conservation by supporting Blue Ring, a global awareness campaign lauched by Alex Rose.  Blue ring is your opportunity to show your love for the sea...

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